Industrial Solutions

Industrial Services

We offer industrial problems’ solutions to achieve a high level of efficiency and best quality of productivity for the systems used. We offer the following services to cater to industrial problems with addressing Power Quality problem of the system, energy efficiency and offering commercial solar (rooftop) design and advisory solution to cut power bills and optimize the energy utilization.

Our design and engineering services include the following.

  • Power Quality Services
    • Harmonics Study & Pure Power Solution
    • Harmonics Measurement
    • Power Quality Analysis
    • Power Factor Control solutions
    • Report development with analysis
  • Energy Audit Services
    • Government Subsidy Support Assessment
    • Government Subsidy Approval
    • Process Improvement
    • Process Control Measures
    • Audit – Level-I
    • Audit – Level-II
    • Audit – Level-III
  • Commercial Solar Design & Grid Connection support
  • Turnkey Solution for any narrated Energy problem

Our Engineers’ Success Stories

Successfully Designed and delivered Power Quality Solution for steel mill, paper mills, and other various industrial ventures.

Provided harmonics solution for 12 commercial ventures in India and UAE.

Energy Audited 29 Business and made 25%+ more profitable from energy efficiency improvement.

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